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The Last Full Measure - MIA Photos

Thanks to those who have bestowed their awards on the 13th Bomb Squadron Association's site. The sites issuing the awards are all first-rate and well worth a visit.

Click on an individual award graphic to visit the originating site. A new window will open with that site. To return here, just close that window.

Gunny's Hero of The Meadow Award

This award is very special to the webmaster because it was totally unexpected and comes from one of the most popular and respected veteran sites on the net.

"Can't say what it was for certain, but 'something' about the site struck a chord with me."

-- Gunny Fallon, The Meadow
Gunny's Hero of the Meadow award

Horus' Golden Falcon Award
Horus' Golden Falcon Award
Horus was one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt who was depicted as a falcon with the sun and the moon as his eyes. He was the son of Osiris, the god of air and the earth and the mother goddess Isis. Because of his battle against injustice, Horus is also seen as a protector-god, a god who attacks and destroys evil where and wherever he can.

I am pleased to offer your site the Horus’ Golden Falcon Award. A true honor and dedication to your country. You have an excellent website and certainly deserve my humble award.

-- Mario Warnaar

U.S. Wings Award

US Wings Gold Site Award
"Display Your Gold Wings with pride!"
-- David D. Hack, PhD, CEO

Portal History Site Award Portal History Site Award

Congratulations on an exceptionally fine effort. Your presentation is both well organized and visually pleasing; the content is superb.

It is my distinct pleasure to recognize the 13th Bomb Squadron website as a highly worthwhile contribution to the overall quality of the World Wide Web and to award you the Portal History Site Award.

-- Ronald J. Wilson

Lodestar's Bronze Award

Congratulations. Sites like yours make the Web a fascinating and informative playground.

Loadstar's Bronze Award

Exploratorium Cool Site Award Exploratorium Cool Site

We're honored to have been chosen as a "cool site" for November 1999 by the Exploratorium, a San Francisco museum devoted to science, art and education.

"A unique site, constructed from the pictures, oral histories, poetry, and letters of the Korean War veterans from the US Air Force's 13th Bomb Squadron. Far from glorifying war, this site reveals the heartbreaking human side of conflict: friendships made, losses endured."

SC Portal & Surfers Choice Awards
Congratulations! Your site has been accepted to SC Portal Best of the Web (aka - Surfers Choice).

You have also been selected to receive one of the Web's original and most respected awards - The Surfers Choice Internet Award. Your site reflects the dedication it takes to produce a quality resource and is a welcome addition to our family of superb sites.

-- Wally Gross
SC Portal award
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Surfer's Choice Award

Design Innovations Web Design Gold Award Technology Security Blanket's Design Innovations' Gold Award

After visiting your site I have decided that you should win the Web Design Gold Award! Congratulations! I found your site to be easy to navigate, attractively designed, and to contain some great and informative content.

-- Bonnie Gauthier, Chief Reviewer
Design Innovations' Design Award


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