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The Last Full Measure - MIA Photos

Thanks to those who have bestowed their awards on the 13th Bomb Squadron Association's site. The sites issuing the awards are all first-rate and well worth a visit.

Click on an individual award graphic to visit the originating site. A new window will open with that site. To return here, just close that window.

Internet Brothers Helpware & Community Award
It is my pleasure to announce the selection of the 13th Bomb Squadron for an Internet Brothers present in the Helpware and Community category.

Oft times the Korean Conflict seems America's forgotten war, but sites such as yours will go a long way toward elevating the heroes into our consciousness. It is obvious your work has been a labor of love. The information you provide is not only voluminous, but compelling; and is presented with a rich attention to detail.

-- Jeff Clark, Internet Brothers
Internet Brothers Award

Pure Illusion's Award of Excellence
Pure Illusion's Award of Excellence Congratulations from Pure Illusion Awards. Only 4% of the people applying win an Excellence award. Your hard work and pride show and it is an honor for me to present you and your website with this award.

Whether you were part of the Korean war or not you will find this site to be easy to navigate, with an excellent design and very interesting. When you leave you will have an education and insight into the Korean war.

-- Sandy Groff
Pure Illusion Awards

SkyFlash Star Award
I am happy to present you with the SkyFlash Star Award for excellence in web design. We found your website interesting, with nice pics and easy to navigate. As you found out we like pics and you have some great ones and the info is superb too.

-- Evert J. van Koningsveld
Sky Flash Award

Jules' Patiotic Pages Jules Patriotic Pages

I just came from your 'superb' site, it is awesome to put it mildly. You certainly have merited my humble award.

-- Jules

Panda's Pride Award

You have successfully impressed us with your site at the level that few sites can do, so in honor of that we are awarding you with our Panda's Pride Bronze Award. Know that you have, in our opinion, put together a site that would fit into the top 25% of all web sites worldwide. Display our award with pride!
Panda's Pride Award

Beloz Award
The Beloz Award

I would consider it an honor if you would accept our Family Award for your dedication and hard work supporting our Veterans, POW's and MIA's. Thank you for all you do.

-- Ruby Alexandra Beloz

Golden Web Award

In recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web.

-- International Association of Web Masters and Designers
Golden Web Award

Medaille d'Or Award Medaille d'Or Award

This highly effective site sets out the history of one highly-decorated USAF bomb squadron, focusing on its Korean War era. Excellent.

Golden WebPage Award

I just completed a visit to your WebSite... It is BEAUTIFUL in APPEARANCE and it is OUTSTANDING in CONTENT.

I appreciate what you are doing with your WebSite.

-- George P. Crofton
MSgt, U.S. Air Force (Retired)
Golden WebPage Award

Freeport Police Department Award of Excellence Freeport Police Department Award Of Excellence


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