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Bent Planes
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Sometimes we bent and broke the airplanes.
On January 3rd, 1952 aircraft Nan looked like this.
Aircraft Nan
"Aircraft Nan"

Nan in the Sand
"Nan in the Sand"
Then on January 4th Dick Gerrity, aborted aircraft Nan on takeoff and went off the end of the runway onto the mud flats. The nose gear collapsed, the hard nose dug into the sand and the plane flipped over on its back. The plane was an unbelievable mess. The frag bombs opened and scattered bomblets everywhere. Amazingly the entire crew was dug out of the plane OK just before the tide came in to drown them.

If you want to fly low level you've got to practice low level. Dan Nigro was practicing low level work in the vicinity of K-8 and got too low.

Dan hit the ground with his right wing and broke this 8 foot section off, which as you see, was recovered.

Dan said the airplane seemed to be flying OK so he just flew it back to K-8 and landed. So, if you want to go into the racing business, the clipped wing B-26 will fly.
Dan Nigro
"Dan Nigro"

B-26 Wing Tip
A Clipped B-26
"A B-26 Wing Tip"
"A Clipped B-26"

Able Bent
"Able Bent"
The B-26 really needs air pressure in both main gears to track straight down the runway. Here "Old Able" returned from a combat mission only to find that one of the tires had been shot out. Able ended up in a drainage ditch in this ungraceful position.
Sometimes we pressed too hard and got caught in the debris from our own attack, as did Squadron Commander Fortney on February 8th. And it was such a pretty plane. 6th Chadwick
"The 6th Chadwick"
Fox on its wing
Aircraft "Fox" on its wing.
Reece Black
"Reece Black"
Reece Black had good reason to apologize to Squadron Commander, Lt. Col. Fortney. Reece was doing some low level practice and flew through some power lines.

The lines partially crushed the cockpit, put creases in both wing leading edges and left this neat dent in the top of the vertical stabilizer.
Cable Hit
"Cable Hit"