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People Later
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Vince Alessi

Vince Alessi was an Air Force Reservist called to active duty after the start of the Korean War. Upon completion of his Korean service and reserve duty he returned to civilian life. This period was the era of a new technology, called the "Transistor Action" which would revolutionize the electronics industry.
Vince Alessi

Vince spent the next ten years in advancing positions with Raytheon Corp., Hughes Semiconductors, Texas Instruments and others until a parting of the ways with corporate America. In 1963 he started a business, "Alessi Industries" supplying test equipment to the semi-conductor and electronics industry. Through the years his company grew and prospered, from what Vince called "good luck", and many capable employees. In 1982 he sold his company to Dukane Corp, rewarded his employees with exceptional bonuses and retired.

He now lives in Coto De Caza, California, in a place as close to heaven as he ever expected to experience.

James W. Braly

Jim remained in the Air Force after Korea with positions of increasing responsibility, retiring as a Colonel. In civilian life Jim was in the franchising industry and traveled to the Philippines where he was an industry consultant.
Jim Braly

Jim was born in Huntsville, Alabama and graduated from the US Air Corp Cadet Program as Pilot in 1944. He was the youngest pilot to ever fly a B-17 "Flying Fortress", at age 18 while a cadet in an Air Force Experimental Program at Yuma, Arizona.

He is a member of the only family to ever graduate four sons as officers and pilots.

He attended Beloit College, Wisconsin, Air University Air Tactical School, University of Bagiuo, Philippines; Royal Air Force Staff College, and Lincoln University Law School in San Francisco, California.

Today Jim lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

John A. Powers

John "Shorty" Powers remained in the Air Force after the Korean conflict and was eventually assigned to Cape Canaveral, Florida, where he was the NASA spokesman. Most Americans knew him as the "Voice of the Astronauts", and the man who coined the phrase attributed to the Astronauts as "Everything is A-OK".
John Powers

Fitzhugh L. Fulton

"Fitz" Fulton was in Test Pilot training at Edwards AFB in May 1951 when he was called for Combat Crew training. He had previously flown 225 missions on the Berlin Airlift. Upon completion of his Korean service he returned to Test Pilot School.
Fitzhugh Fulton

"Fitz" has flown at least 235 different planes. Among those flown in the testing program were the B-58, XB-70 research, NASA YF-12 Supersonic Research, the 747 Shuttle carrier airplane and five launches of the shuttle from on top of the 747. He has flown the B-29, B-50 and B-52 to launch missions of the X-1, S-2, X-15,M-2, HL-10, X-24 and the D-558.

After retiring from NASA he joined Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites to conduct test flights of some of Rutan's new technology airplanes.

Fulton was a recipient of the Harmon International Aviator's Trophy as the "World's Outstanding Aviator of 1962", the Ivan C. Kinchloe Trophy for 1977 as the Test Pilot of the Year, two NASA Exceptional Service Medals, and many other honors.

He now lives in Lancaster, California.

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