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Nose Art
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"The 5th Chadwick" The 13th had a named series of "CHADWICK"s beginning in Australia in 1942. The series ended with "THE 7TH CHADWICK" in the later part of 1952 after the 5th, 6th, and 7th had been lost. ("The 5th Chadwick" is shown at left.)

Al Kosciuzko was more in love than any man I ever knew, and his plane was named "MY DARLING JUNE" after his wife. Kosciuzko's plane was identified as "ROGER" (for R), until the plane was sent back to Japan for a major overhaul. It returned repainted with a bright red nose, named "THE 7TH CHADWICK" (below) and identified as "WHEEL." "My Darling June"
"My Darling June"
the 7th Chadwick
"The 7th Chadwick"

The planes moved about among the three squadrons at K-8 and the squadrons at K-9 from which the 452 Bomb Group (later the 17th Bomb Group) flew. The planes required periodic overhaul and repair from battle damage, which was done mostly back at Miho AB in Japan. When a plane was sent to Miho it was frequently lost to the Squadron.

"Brown Nose"
"Brown Nose"
The only olive drab airplane I ever saw was "BROWN NOSE" which was a 13th plane in mid 1952 but had once been a 17th Bomb Group plane. It must have been disheartening to name your plane and get your crew on the placard and then lose it to the Inspect and Repair process.

Names were stolen from original thinkers, like the "ASSOMDRAGON" which was first on a transport plane during WWII when it flew the "Hump", but ended up on a 13th plane. Other names reflected what was on the mens' minds - like "MISS MINOOKIE" or "STATESIDE DREAM" on the 7TH CHADWICK. And there was no mistaking where Col. Brady was from.

"Miss Mi-Nookie"
"Miss Mi-Nookie"
"Stateside Dream"
"Stateside Dream"
"Col. Brady
"Col. Brady's Dixie Special"

The 6th Chadwick
"The 6th Chadwick"
The trip to Miho Air Base was to update and repair the aircraft.

Sometimes that also resulted in updating the nose art, as the 6th Chadwick experienced in the spring of '52.

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