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(All thumbnail pictures on this site are set to open in a new window. To return to the page you were on, just close the window with the larger picture.)


The B-26 Invader
The fast, sleek, and beautiful Douglas B-26 Invader was the main aircraft flown by the 13th Bomb Squadron during the Korean War. (B-26 Invader)

Nose Art
One of the most popular sections of this site. All these pictures are exclusives you won't see anywhere else. (Fifth page of nose art added June 7, 2001.) (Nose Art)

Wallpaper Download Zone
(added June 9, 2000)
A collection of some our of most impressive plane images available as desktop wallpaper downloads in three resolutions! (Wallpaper Download Zone)

"Pretty Planes"
(added June 9, 2000)
Planes, planes and more planes and, yes, they are pretty! Includes serial numbers and commentary on individual planes. ("Pretty Planes")

The 13th Flight Line
(added August 13, 2000)
Shots from the flight line, including maintenance and armament crews at work.
(Flight Line)

"Old Able"
A plane with personality, Old Able was the most beloved B-26 on the flight line. She always brought her crews home. ("Old Able")

Bent Planes
We bent 'em and sometimes we broke 'em! See a B-26 that actually flew with 8' of wing missing. (Bent Planes)

Strike Targets
The targets for the B-26s were the three "T"s - trains, trucks and tracks. Here you'll see actual strike targets, bridges being blown up, bombs dropping in the air, etc. (Strike Targets)

How to Fly a B-26
A complete B-26 checklist -- instructions for outside and inside visual checks, starting engines, taxiing and more. (How to Fly a B-26)

Combat Tactics
How to use the B-26 effectively in combat and not get hurt -- the Syllabus. (Combat Tactics)

Historic Planes
A short summary of the aircraft flown by the 13th over the years. (Historic Planes)


That Crazy Searchlight on a B-26
A little known fact -- during the Korean War the Air Force experimented with searchlights originally used by the Navy to seek out enemy submarines during World War II. (That Crazy Searchlight on a B-26)

That Classified Long-Nosed B-26
A 13th plane that was equipped with a then-new infrared detection device in its nose. (That Classified Long-Nosed B-26)

Love in Flight
"Love" in Flight


the 7th Chadwick warming up
"the 7th Chadwick"

13th Flight Line
"Flight Line"

Old Able
"Old Able"


"Spad XIII"

Love with the Light
"Love with the Light"

Mc's Nose
"Mc's Nose"