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1984 In 1984 we held our organizational reunion in Dayton, Ohio. Al Adams and Al Kosciuszko were there.
1984 Reunion

1985 The first formal reunion was held in Cocoa Beach, Florida in 1985. Among the attendees were Reece Black, Rob Fortney and Bob Ennis. Who says, "There are no old, bold, pilots?"
1985 Reunion

1986 In 1986 we went to San Francisco and got the picture of Mike King, Howard Johnson, Monte Ballew, and Robert Anderson.
1986 Reunion

1987 In May 1987 we went back to Dayton Ohio to dedicate a plaque and tree to the memory of the Squadron at the Air Force Museum
1987 Reunion
We brought the new Oscar flag to the dedication, here held by Bob Fortney and Charles Hinton.
1987 Reunion
We had a good turnout of men from the old Communications Shack. Here are Stanley Ryba, Clyde Liddle, Elmer Dery, Al Adams, Cliff Gruenwald, and Larry Rokusek.
1987 Reunion

1987 The regular reunion of 1987 was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, hosted by Dick Buchholz and Jackie Bugg.
1987 Reunion

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