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1992 In April 1992 Anne and Ed Hughes invited us back to Charleston, South Carolina. Here are Doc Cashman, Daniel Nigro, Perry Nuhn, Thomas Leech, Barton Hermansen and Eugene Gomes with one of the big guns at Fort Sumter, Charleston Harbor.
1992 Reunion

1992 We were represented at the ground breaking ceremony for the Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC. Present at the ceremony were Don Mathews, Bill Griffin, Tony Curto, Perry Palmer and Cliff Gruenwald.

1993 Connie and Perry Palmer were our hosts in September 1993 when we went to Tacoma, Washington.
1993 Reunion

1994 We went to Burlington, Vermont in July 1994. Here are Jack Briggs, Perry Nuhn and Tom Glennen in their original red shirts from the Korea War days. Our hosts were Ruth and John Goodrich.
1994 Reunion

1995 When the Korean War Memorial was dedicated in July 1995 we were there, just as we had been during the groundbreaking ceremony in 1992. Wren and Bob Ennis were out hosts in Washington.
1995 Reunion

Here Herb and Dorothy Kingham are at the wall showing the B-26 operation.
1995 Reunion

Don Mathews and Charles Hinton at the Korean War Memorial in Washington.
Don Mathews and Charles Hinton

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