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The Last Full Measure - Roster of Casualties

All gave some ... some gave all.

Nearly one hundred men from the 13th were lost or killed in the Korean War. We honor those who gave all for the cause of freedom. Let us never forget!

(We would very much like to include images of all the men listed below. If you have a picture of one of the following that we don't have a photo for, please contact us. If you don't have access to a scanner, we will be more than happy to scan and return your photo or slide.)

October 20, 2001

We have been contacted by Ray Sestak, who has asked for assistance in locating next of kin for certain 13th MIAs.

"I represent a small group of veterans that are actively pursuing contact with family or friends of Korean War-era MIAs that have no next of kin noted in their official records. Once contact with next of kin is established, we work directly with personnel within the USAF DPMO to ensure that contact is in fact made to that Office, and is then confirmed back to us by the DPMO. Only then does our research stop. The names highlighted in grey below represent the MIAs we are currently researching within the 13th BS. If you knew any of these men, I would appreciate hearing from you. I can be contacted via e-mail at raysestak@att.net. Thank you very much for your consideration. - Ray Sestak"

(Webmaster's note: We've added the residence of record for these individuals.)

Last Name First Name Rank Duty Date Lost
Campos Jose C. S/SGT Gunner June 28, 1950
Cyborski Raymond J. 1/LT Pilot June 28, 1950
Goodwin William J. S/SGT Gunner June 28, 1950
Harding Remer L. 1/LT Pilot June 28, 1950
McNeill Lewis O. S/SGT Gunner July 28, 1950
O'Connell William T. 1/LT Pilot July 28, 1950
Dorsey Joyce M. T/SGT Gunner October 3, 1950
Glakeler Robert T. S/SGT Gunner October 3, 1950
La Barge Francis J. 1/LT Pilot October 3, 1950
Pierce Luther S. Captain Navigator October 3, 1950
Smith Gordon O. Captain Pilot October 3, 1950
Walton Lucius P. 1/LT Pilot October 3, 1950 (Arlington, VA)
Hallum Allen L. Captain Bombardier October 4, 1950 (Hereford, TX)
Coulter John R. 1/LT Pilot December 2, 1950
Buckley Oliver E. 1/LT Pilot January 9, 1951
Hollyfield James R. T/SGT Gunner January 9, 1951
Mitchell Bernard S/SGT Gunner January 14, 1951 (Dorchester, MA)
Rountree Fred B. Captain Pilot January 14, 1951
Frazer John D. Captain
February 11, 1951 (Santa Clara, CA)
Nielsen David L. Captain
February 11, 1951 (Long Beach, CA)
Smiley Paul A. S/SGT Gunner February 11, 1951 (Port Huron, MI)
King Walter S. LTC Squad Cmdr/Pilot February 21, 1951
Root Voorhees S. S/SGT Gunner February 21, 1951 (Huntsville, AL)
Woolam Charles W. Captain Navigator February 21, 1951 (Warehouse Point, CT)
Chitwood John V. SGT Gunner May 5, 1951
Kern Douglas B. 1/LT Navigator May 5, 1951 (St. Paul, MN)
Martin Robert J. Captain Pilot May 5, 1951 (Tucson, AZ)
Senior George A. 1/LT Bombardier July 4, 1951
Tegt Donald D. Captain Pilot July 4, 1951
Watson William J. A/1C Gunner July 4, 1951 (Philadelphia, PA)
Burtis John R. 1/LT Pilot July 29, 1951
Cayemberg Edward C. 2/LT Navigator July 29, 1951
Moscatelli Philip 2/LT Navigator July 29, 1951
Sizemore Zemura V. Captain Bombardier July 29, 1951
Sloppy Clifford O. T/SGT Gunner August 26, 1951
McManaman Bernard L. T/SGT
September 2, 1951 (Lapeer, MI)
Oliphant Ernest C. 1/LT Pilot September 2, 1951
Roy William E. 1/LT Navigator September 2, 1951 (Kansas City, KS)
Wright Charles F. Captain Pilot September 17, 1951
Adler Ernest M. 1/LT Navigator October 15, 1951 (Dorchester, MA)
Andrews Robert B. Captain Bombardier October 15, 1951
Olcott Ray W. 1/LT Pilot October 15, 1951
Kahl Gordon K. Major Pilot November 21, 1951
Roumiguiere John H. 1/LT Navigator November 21, 1951
Fisher Jack A. 1/LT Navigator November 22, 1951
Beeson Jack M. Captain Pilot December 19, 1951
Ross Richard C. S/SGT Gunner January 6, 1952
Wallack Joseph C. 1/LT Navigator January 6, 1952
Lafferty Thomas C. LT Pilot January 31, 1952
Billingslea Charles L. CPL Gunner February 21, 1952
Sullivan Dave P. 1/LT Navigator February 21, 1952
Wisdom Warren B. Captain Pilot February 21, 1952 (Bonham, TX)
Beacham Thomas H. A/3C Gunner March 31, 1952
Gould Gene W. Captain Navigator March 31, 1952
Newton Robert R. Major Pilot March 31, 1952
McAllaster John A. Captain Navigator April 4, 1952
Phelps Ralph L. S/SGT Gunner April 4, 1952
Van Fleet James A. 1/LT Pilot April 4, 1952
Ramsey Robert J. 1/LT Navigator May 31, 1952
Wells Ray E. LTC Pilot May 31, 1952
Wheelwright Clarence W. A/1C Gunner May 31, 1952
Burrell Jack A. Captain Navigator June 5, 1952 (Tate, GA)
Cave James A. SGT Gunner June 5, 1952
Trantham Archie P. Captain Pilot June 5, 1952
Dell David P. 2/LT Navigator June 7, 1952
Schoenover Howard D. LT Pilot June 7, 1952
Ward Fred A. A/1C Gunner June 7, 1952
Mase Robert R. A/1C Gunner July 8, 1952
Rawls Holman C. LT Navigator July 8, 1952
Ruhlin Earl O. Captain Pilot July 8, 1952
Hart Donald L. A/1C Gunner July 23, 1952
Duderstadt Ernest H. Captain Pilot July 25, 1952
Wiley Kenneth D. A/1C Gunner July 25, 1952 (Farina, IL)
Brooks Tauno O. Captain Navigator August 7, 1952
Chant Harry L. S/SGT Gunner August 7, 1952 (Baltimore, MD)
Keinholz Joseph H. Captain Pilot August 7, 1952 (Pasadena, CA)
Roessel John J. 1/LT Navigator August 7, 1952 (Downey, CA)
Holcom William L. 1/LT Navigator August 8, 1952 (Cedar Rapids, SD)
Neighbors Robert O. Major Pilot August 8, 1952
Weeks Grady M. S/SGT Gunner August 8, 1952
Ahlers John P. Captain Pilot August 10, 1952
McHaney Leslie E. A/1C Gunner December 9, 1952
Vernon Harold J. A/1C
December 9, 1952 (Pittsburgh, PA)
Womack William F. 1/LT Pilot December 9, 1952
Beaty Sherman R. Colonel Gp Cmdr/Pilot April 1, 1953
Karpowicz Jerome A/1C Gunner May 17, 1953
Selman Clifford G. 1/LT Navigator May 17, 1953
Atkinson Fred F. LT Navigator July 14, 1953
Crowshaw Howard L. A/1C Gunner July 14, 1953
Haladyna Stanley B. Captain Pilot July 14, 1953
Story Glen F. A/1C Flight Eng July 14, 1953 (Rapid City, SD)
Festini Steve J. Captain