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Our Scrapbook
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NOTE: This is a new section that is not complete yet. We'll be adding more and moving things around. But there were so many great new pictures that we wanted to make them available on the site as soon as possible.

Johnson and Iwakuni Air Bases in Japan

Prior to Kunsan, the 13th was based at Johnson and Iwakuni Air Bases in Japan.

Johnson & Iwakuni Air Bases in Japan
13th history sign
"History Sign at Iwakuni"

Johnson and Iwakuni Air Bases in Japan
We moved from Iwakuni to Kunsan in September 1951. K-8 was affectionately known as "Kunsan by the Sea."

"Kunsan by the Sea" (K-8)
- This is where memories were made.

"The Indigenous Personnel" - Meet some of our South Korean friends.
Bill Cowan
Bill Cowan visualizes what the new Operations sign will look like."

Short Stories
Here we will present some short stories and reminiscences about the war.

"Flight Line Accident" by Vincent La Berge

"The Iwakuni Sea Wall" by John Harris

"Special" by Al Andre'

"Charlie's Nose Job" by John Harris

"Charlie Tail's Last Flight" by Stan Murphy

"A Few Terrifying Moments" by Charles Hinton
flight line accident
"Flight Line Accident"