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Johnson and Iwakuni Air Bases in Japan
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13th History Sign at Iwakuni The "History Sign at Iwakuni" proudly lists the 13th's assignments from 1917-1950.

The fan over the skull reads "The Devil's Own" and the small print reads "O Lord assist our side. At least avoid assisting the enemy and leave the rest to us."

Harry Galpin, left, Francis Drake and Tony Curto raise the first Oscar flagat Iwakuni raising the Oscar flag

Christmas Party 1949
Christmas Party at Yokota NCO Club, 1949

L-R: S/Sgt Dorris Ligon (now retired in Dresden, Tennessee), S/Sgt William J. Goodwin of Tacoma, Washington (KIA June 28, 1950), S/Sgt Hugh (Roy) Moore (deceased) and Jeannette Moore (deceased?) from Georgia and S/Sgt Joseph R. Stroud (Ozark, Alabama).

Mission Briefing at Iwakuni, 1950

L-R: Charles Bartels, (Briefer not identified), Leslie Lyon, John Horr, Stan Nixon, Russell Sanford, (unknown), John Mykics, Donald MacDonald
Mission Briefing

Johnson Air Base Aircraft Johnson Air Base Officers Club
Johnson Air Base was home for the 13th and 8th Squadrons during the occupation years.

(Note the early numbering system on the tails.)
Johnson Air Base Officers Club

L-R: Laura Tucker (Special Services Worker), Durward Fesmire, Hank Milton, Ed Lewis

Marvin Hamilton Ralph Burden
Marvin Hamilton, Asst. Personnel Officer, does what paper shufflers do -- shuffle papers -- when they are not flying missions as a pilot. Ralph Burden, Chief Clerk, puts out another roster for us all to initial to signify as having read.

William McMillan and Harry Johns
William McMillan, Line Chief in the early days, talks over the problems of the day at Iwakuni with Harry Johns, truck driver.