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Kunsan by the Sea (K-8)
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A 13th crew. Clockwise from Right:

Emil Pindzola, Pilot

Freddie Caroll, Gunner

Roy L. Compton, Navigator/Bombardier
Emil Pindzola
Roy Compton Freddie Carroll

Bombing Attack Bombing Attack

This photo shows a plane with the bomb bay doors open (on the bottom of the plane).
It also shows a day attack on a target already burning by a plane following on the attack.

Load of M1A1 Bombs

The M1A1 bombs are several separate bombs, usually inside a canister, that separate during the fall and blanket the target with many bombs, increasing the likelihood of hitting the target. The empty canister was displayed by the North Koreans as evidence of germ warfare attacks in early 1952.
M1A1 Bombs

preparing bombs There was a lot of hard "grunt work" in preparing the bombs before uploading into the planes.

Pilot William A. Mann, Jr. stands proud in front of the 13th's Grim Reaper "Oscar" flag. William Mann

Tents and Huts
13th Squadron tents and huts in 1953.
13th hut with flowerbed
Spring 1953, a little bit of home with flowers - color red - what else?

Squadron History Sign 1953 The squadron history sign outside 13th Squadron Headquarters listed the major battles in which the squadron had participated. Stan Rozewski, shown, was Crew Chief of Mc, the "Red Bird" aircraft to develop an infra-red tracking system to hunt targets by their infra-red signature.