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War Stories

A Short Time in a Small War
by Charles Hinton
Good background info on the 13th's role in the Korean War.
(A Short Time in a Small War)

A Combat Pilot's Story
by John W. Harris
A previously unpublished autobiographical book by a 13th pilot. More chapters will be added soon.
added Sept. 8, 2001
(Chapter 1 - They Called It Training) added Sept. 8, 2001
(Chapter 2 - Some Words on Armament) added Nov. 24, 2001

13 Months as a POW

by Bob Festa
How one man survived. A "must" read!
(13 Months as a POW)

Flak Traps
by James Braly
Shot down and presumed dead.
(Flak Traps)

First Day of the War
by Monte Ballew
Pilot Ballew flew one of the first missions of the Korean War.
(First Day of the War)

Bailout & Rescue
by John Walseth
"DODO 13" was shot down in North Korea. Walseth and the pilot made it home alive, but the bombardier and gunner were not so lucky.
(Bailout & Rescue)

The Pilot is Hit!
by Vince Alessi
Navigator Alessi had to guide the plane home after the pilot was hit and blinded.
(The Pilot is Hit!)

No Respect (Combat Mission Acrobatics)
by Lucien Thomas
D-Dawg stalls out at 2800 feet. "
Any gunner looking for a thrill might try sitting upside down in an A-26 gunner's compartment on MIG Alley."
(No Respect (Combat Mission Acrobatics)

Jills of K-8
by Jo Lovejoy
A female civilian volunteers for duty at Kunsan. A distaff perspective.
(Jills of K-8)

Cave Man
The story of Donald Thomas, who eluded capture behind enemy lines for 83 days by hiding in small caves.
(Cave Man)

Charles Hinton
Charles Hinton

Bob Festa
Bob Festa

Jim Braly
James Braley

Vince Alessi
Vince Alessi

Jo Lovejoy
Jo Lovejoy

Donald Thomas
onald Thomas