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What was new in 1998 ...

December 31, 1998

- Added Fort Huachuca Army Community Service Award.

December 26, 1998

- We've been in contact with Dan Fisher of the 29th Field Artillery Regiment, which has "adopted" the crew of Van Fleet, McAllaster and Phelps as its Korean War MIA/POWs. Dan has done considerable research on this crew and posted the results at the 29th site. We've added a direct link to this research from several places throughout our site. (Will open in a new browser window.)
- Added True Patriotism Award.

December 20, 1998

- Added pictures of the rest of the officers to the Association info page.

December 13, 1998

- Added a new page of information about the 13th Bomb Squadron Association.
- Re-did all the "buttons" in the left-hand blue navigation bars for better legibility and to include various recent updates previously only accessible from the Home page.

December 6, 1998

- Added historical background to Oscar through the Years.

December 5, 1998

- Added details about the 1999 Reunion in Orlando.

December 3, 1998

- Added a new page, An Historical Perspective... the Korean War's Place in History

December 2, 1998

- Added a notice to the Home page that the dates for the 1999 Reunion listed in the recently mailed Invader are incorrect. The 1999 Reunion will take place September 29 - October 2, 1999 at the Sheraton World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Association members, please mark your calendars now!

November 26, 1998 (not uploaded until December 2)

- Replaced B&W pics with better color ones of Joseph Belser and Estes Sherrill, both on the Commanders page (also on different Tigers pages).
- Added a new color pic of Tony Curto to the first Tigers page.
- Added the following Awards: Fortress Key Site Award, Fly With Eagles Award, Silver Surfer Gold Award and POW-MIA Remembrance Award.
- Added links to Veterans of America Honor Guard and "Yet Another Unofficial RSAF (Royal Singapore Air Force) Site".

November 15, 1998 (not uploaded until December 2)

- Added links to the Aviation Site Register and the A-26 Douglas Invader sites.
- Added a picture of Lucky Louise, the plane Bob Festa went down in, to his 13 Months as a POW story.
- Added a picture of Bob Festa to the first Gunners page.
- Replaced picture of the 6th Chadwick on the second Short Time in a Small War page with one that shows serious nose damage. Also added that same pic to the Bent Planes page and the Commanders page (since Fortney did it).
- Added a picture of Empty Saddle, an 8th Bomb Squadron plane, to the first Nose Art page.
- Added a new picture of the 6th Chadwick (different from the one mentioned above) to the third Nose Art page.
- Added a picture from the 1998 reunion banquet to the fourth Reunions page.

November 5, 1998

- Added Outstanding Aviation Site Award from GA's Webspace.

November 3, 1998

- Replaced duty roster pic of Gene Gould (on second Last Full Measure page) with a better B&W one.
- Replaced group shot including Jack Burrell (on third Last Full Measure page) with one featuring him more prominently.

October 29, 1998

- Added Best of the Web Silver Award from Nielsen's Web Sites and Business Graphics.

October 28, 1998

- Rearranged the Ground Pounders page, adding two new color pics of bomb loaders and engine mechanics.

October 27, 1998

- Added the Superior Military Site Award from Dave's Home Port.
- Split Awards into two pages to save on download time.
- Re-added code for The Korean War Web Ring to the Home page. (Thought I added it a few days ago, but must have re-uploaded an older version of the page by accident.)

October 25, 1998

- Added What's New page (you're there now).
- Added 13 Months as a POW war story by Bob Festa.
- Replaced B&W pics of Ray Wells and Earl Ruhlin with better color photos (courtesy of Rob Fortney) and replaced duty roster pic of John Ahlers with better B&W one. All three new pictures are located on the third Last Full Measure page.
- Added pic of the 6th Chadwick's "nose job" to the Commanders page.

September 15, 1998

- 13th Bomb Squadron Association (Korea) site goes live after four months in the making.

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